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Back in 1997, Irv Shaprio the owner of our company Metamor wanted everyone to get familiar with html and offered a bounty for anyone built their own website on a company server.  Good eats was  my entry and born from my love of food and trying new  restaurants.  I don’t review restaurants, but rather make recommendations.   You will only find places where I have eaten and would take friends for a good meal. Many are places that I have gone to for decades, but there are newer places on here too.

Below is a short clip from my original page and I’ll incorporate a new style of making posts on restaurants that my friends and I like.    Come back and see if you can find something you might what to try.

Al’s Italian Beef
1100 west on Taylor

Great Italian beef & sausage sandwiches. One of the original Italian beef stands. Open late Monday through Saturday. Taste a classic beef “dipped” with green peppers. Then go across the street for an Italian Lemonade at Mario’s (summer months only).

212 S Halsted This is my new favorite Greek Restaurant. The place is bright and open. The side orders are generous, service good. I love the roast leg of lamb with a side of dandelions. Free parking and reservations available.

Adams & State Good German food, great beer, reasonable priced. They also have vegetarian and low-cal dishes. Get the Duck if they have it. Did I mention great beer?

Billy Goat Inn
430 N Michigan (lower level)

The original cheezborger place from Saturday Night Live. I usually get two burgers rather than a double just for the extra bun and a place to put another heaping serving of raw onions and sliced pickles. You should try the Schlitz Dark on tap!!

Cafe Bolero
Western & Webster

Another Cuban shop, but a little higher brow. Great place to do a “Tapas” style meal where you order a bunch of appetizers and split a couple of entrees. The Tamales are very good, as is the Shrimp Flamenco.

Chicago Diner
Halsted & Roscoe

The Chicago standard for vegetarians. Very purist if you are a vegan. My favorite? The Chili! Try the non-dairy desserts.

Chicago Kalbi
Lawrence, Four blocks east of Pulaski

Korean style barbecue with a grill right at your table. Plan on spending about $15 – $20 per person if you drink beers. Kalbi is a marinated beef rib that they cut into two-inch square pieces and then YOU cook it. Order the Squid & Scallion cake for something completely different.

Chief O’Neill’s
3471 N Elston

This place is a pub & restaurant, with a beer garden. Their phone number is 773 IRE-LAND and the place looks like it really fits. The atmosphere is very lively and the food was delicious. For starters we had the curry ciips which came with plenty of extra curry sauce to dip the fries and some ot the soda bread (with raisiins no less), I mixed in some malt vinegar and woo hoo tangy flavors! We had the Braised beef tips, which is shepards pie make with beef tips, and the rosemary chicken. Then for desert we had the double chocolate cake and carrot cake, mmm, with beers, coffee and tip less than $60.

Duke of Perth
Clark just south of Wellington

Okay this place is a bar, but what a bar! Omigosh, they must have around seventy different types of Scotch Whiskey. On Wednesday and Friday they have an all you can eat fish fry, but you can try the rest of the food. I usually spend about $10 on dinner and $50 on 12 year old single malts.

El Riconcito Sudamericano
Armitage & Damen

Good Peruvian food at reasonably prices. The Papas Diablo is cold potatoes served with a warm chili cheese. The Peruvian Steak dinner and the Chicken Aji are very good too.

Healthy Foods
33rd & Halsted

This place makes really great Lithuanian food that includes such classics as Kugelis and Ligonberry Crepes. I love their Roast Duck and the Sauerkraut soup, but everything is cooked just like grandma was in the kitchen so try anything. They are not open too late.

Heaven on Seven
7th floor of the Garland Building

Really tasty Cajun food priced like everything else in the loop, kinda high, but this place will wake up your mouth like no one’s business. Try the Louisiana Soul Deluxe (LSD) which includes a little of this and little of that. Get there before 11:20 AM or plan on camping out for a seat. I’ve seen over forty people in line when I have left there at noon.

Western & Addison

These guys invented the fast submarine to go place. They have mounds of pre-sliced and pre-seasoned buns, just waiting for your order. Nearly every sandwich is less than two dollars. Hours vary depending on the bread supply, but they are usually open every day till 9 PM.

Italian Village
Monroe & Dearborn, 2nd floor

This place is reasonably priced, the service is great, and food is always very good. My favorite is the Veal Piccante, a chili laced veal tenderloin. Ask the waiter for wine recommendations if you need help. Great for 2 or 20 people. Make a reservation.

John Barleycorn’s Pub
Lincoln & Belden

I had to include this place for it’s great atmosphere, burgers and black & tans. I started going here in 18 years ago when no one ever showed up after 3 PM. Now it is a happening place with the college crowd.

La Unica
Cermak between Hoyne & Leavitt

This taco joint is just a little bigger than a tollbooth. I still go to this place after more than twenty years. I once met a truck driver from Indiana who gets off of I-55 two miles away just to come to this place. The selection is limited but the food is great. Even a simple steak taco is tasty. My favorite is the Chile Rellano, which is a stuffed poblano chile, but that sells out pretty quickly so I usually get Guisado de Res which is beef stew.

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