Animal Welfare League Benefit Concert

Animal Welfare League
Serving the Animals and the Community Since 1935

Last night I volunteered for the Animal Welfare League during a benefit concert at the Sabre Room in Hickory Hills. The concert was billed “The Beatles meet The Stones” and featured two bands; American English and Glimmer Twins. It was a success with many mellow concert goers.

My night was spent in the gift shop/raffle/adoption room off the lobby where they had several dogs and cats available for adoption. They brought seven dogs and three kittens, and four of the dogs & one kitten had people sign applications for adoption. They have to show up today to finish the process and I hope they come in to take home a new pet.

Working with Mary Jo, a long time volunteer and board member, I helped sell items like t-shirts, tote bags and stickers that benefit the Animal Welfare League, and assisted Crystal and Ellen with taking dogs in and out of crates. There was a chance to check out the bands and I enjoyed both. At the end of the night I helped load up some pups, clean out and break down the crates, and pack up the gift shop.

If you aren’t in the market for a pet, but want to help, there are many ways to volunteer or donate needed items including cash donations. Visit their website today and help them anyway you can.

The Animal Welfare League runs a low cost veterinarian clinic that I’ve used for my two labs, Bingo and Bosco. It is first come first serve, and wait times can be long, but it allowed me to keep my boys current on life saving vaccinations. Helping them was a small way to pay them back.

Thanks to Terri, Bonnie, Crystal, Mary Jo, Ellen and all the other staffers and volunteers for making me feel welcome and appreciated.

This was number forty and now 10 to go!