American Red Cross – Donate Blood

Donate BloodThis afternoon I went to the De Paul Center down town to donate during their blood drive. The motto of the American Red Cross is “The need is constant. The gratification is instant. Give Blood.” They are the largest blood donation organization in the United States collecting and processing more than 40% of the nations blood supply. Each pint of blood can help save 3 lives, and 5 million patients in the US need blood every year.

With a need that is constant blood drives are ongoing, and they utilize an online registration process that facilitates donor sign up. Originally, I scheduled an appointment last February, but the Great Snowstorm of 2011 canceled that drive.

The actual blood donation process takes less than 10 minutes, but they ask you to stay for 10-15 minutes and enjoy some refreshments before you resume normal activities. Then you are free to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment knowing that you have helped save lives!

Before the actual blood draw they give you a mini physical to check your vitals, and have you answer a health & risk survey. After all that I was not able to donate blood because they could not see a good vein to draw blood. It was disappointing to get shut out after two trips. However, when I returned home I made a cash donation to the local chapter through their website.

This is number 43, now only seven left.