La Pasadita

La Pasadita
1141 N Ashland Ave, Chicago

There are three of these taco joints within one block, but this is the first one I went to nearly 20 years ago. They also own Las Palapitas on Milwaukee, but that’s another story. They serve great barbacoa or slow cooked beef, carne asada and chile rellenos, but get there early as they run out. You have to ask for things like cheese and sour cream so don’t freak out.

Have a cup of frosty horchata with your meal. They are open late, but unfortunately not 24 hours.

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  1. My parents were the first to open this taco stand back in the 70’s it used to be I belive a White Castle. They gave the present owners the recipe for the meat and the chile rellenos. And to top it all of my friend’s late father was the one who owned it. And is now run by his sons, the Palapita is actually owned by my friend. lol

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