Letters To U.S. Military Members & Families

In March I organized a letter writing party with a goal to collect at least 50 letters. Unfortunately, I set the date the same as most people in Chicago celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Just one friend showed up for coffee and homemade brownies, but together we wrote 24 letters.

The Blue Star Families organization has several programs to support Active and Veteran Service personnel, and their families. Operation Appreciation allows volunteers to write thank you letters to military families, those in current service and veterans. The writer can choose to write a card to the parent, spouse or child of a military member, or to a veteran of the armed services.

A simple yet sincere “thank you” and pledges of one’s own community service show our serving military members and their families that we honor their service and sacrifice. Clearly, being passively grateful is not enough. Our military needs to hear that we are actively grateful.

It is nice to be able to support our Military and only wish I had planned the day to avoid scheduling conflict. Five down and only 45 to go!