Light the Night Walk

Tonight I helped at the Chicago Light The Night Walk the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s fundraising walk to pay tribute, and bring hope to people battling cancer.

Thousands of participants raise funds for vital, lifesaving research and patient services and, on this special night, they carry illuminated balloons to show the support of a caring community. The Chicago walk took place in Upper Hutchinson Field near Grant Park.

When I signed up to volunteer one of my choices was the “Green” tent which I presumed to be celebrity related (think green room). Alas, when my confirmation came back my assignment was the Green Tent where participant donations were counted.

Our team leader was Sara who gave us a quick run down of our duties. We had to wait almost an hour for the first batch of envelopes, but it was easy work and the time went by quickly. Working in pairs we tallied cash, checks and credit card donations and recorded the amounts on each participant’s envelope. Some volunteers copied the documents and others created batches of cash and checks for bank deposit.

My partner was a sophomore from Northwestern University named Courtney and we developed a great rhythm. Many of the other volunteers in the Green Tent were from NU who had received Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship including Courtney. With six of us tallying we finished up about 8 PM.

When I left the Green Tent I walked around the park and listened to a Beatles cover band playing in the VIP tent. One aspect of the walk is to remember people who died from blood cancers. Before leaving I took a moment to reflect on Julius Hoffman and Peter Pagor fathers of two very good friends. This walk is about creating a world without cancer. Hopefully that day comes soon.

It was fun night and this is my forty-second organization, now 8 to go.