Animal Care and Control (ACC)

This afternoon I volunteered with Found Chicago, an animal rescue on the Northside, during their monthly volunteer day of service at the Chicago Animal Care and Control shelter at 2741 South Western Blvd. Found Chicago pulls some of the dogs from ACC that are going to be euthanized.

ACC is a completely open-door shelter that houses 300-500 animals at any given point in time. They take in any animal being relinquished with no questions asked. In addition, ACC crews pick up strays, wildlife and rescues animals from inhumane situations. Animals are evaluated for health and behavioral problems and then kenneled.

Most people looking to adopt a dog or cat want to have a hands on visit with that animal before they take it home. The sheer numbers of animals available and the limited staff resources of the ACC preclude most animals from being handled. Unfortunately, many of these animals are not adopted and wind up being put down.

During our visit I was among 6 other volunteers from Found Chicago and we spent our time walking dogs, and helping with adoption visits in dog pavilion A. With so many dogs it is likely that not all will be walked every day. I walked nine dogs and let them off leash in the dog runs with me. It was a physical and dirty day, but tougher knowing that some of the dogs were up for euthanasia today or tomorrow. I hope every dog I walked gets a family to love them.

I also want to mention The Friends of ACC is a non-profit organization founded to raise awareness of Chicago Animal Care and Control, provide extra care for the animals at the shelter beyond the city’s resources, and help more animals find new homes. I chose to volunteer through Found Chicago over FACC only to avoid another orientation session.

This is number THIRTY!! and now just 20 more to go.