Found Chicago

In April a friend told me about Found Chicago a dog rescue shelter in her neighborhood and after some checking I decided to try and help them. All volunteers need to attend an orientation and I was able to schedule one for May 3rd.

Their motto is rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming dogs and now cats. Many dogs come from the City of Chicago’s Animal Care and Control shelter. They chose dogs that were facing euthanasia for health or behavioral issues.

On May 31st I visited the shelter and walked dogs for about two hours. Cillian who is deaf, Blake is a totally cutie, and Gracie, a strong pit-bull who actually took me for a walk. There is a nice river front path behind the shelter that I took advantage of.

After the walks I met with the volunteer coordinate and she asked me to help develop some content for their website and at this point I have submitted a final draft on “the importance of spay/neuter” that they will publish some time soon. Now I am working on an article on “dog care”.

They are working hard to get the shelter open to the public since right now they are a by appointment only facility. In the mean time if you live in the area and love dogs or cats you should sign up to help.

This is number 22 and only twenty eight to go!