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I was recently contacted by David Haas a blogger at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog about guest posts on my website. This is from David and I hope that it helps someone.

Fitness and the Benefits When Battling Cancer

There are many benefits to being fit and exercising regularly, no matter what the circumstances of your life may be. Exercise is particularly beneficial to cancer patients in a variety of ways. Whether they are battling breast cancer, mesothelioma or skin cancer, almost every cancer patient can receive the benefits that exercise offers such as increased lean muscle mass, release of endorphins and increased energy. Cancer patients are especially likely to feel like they are battling against their body and exercise allows them to use their body in a way improves their health and makes them feel good.

Increased Survival Rates

Several studies referenced by the National Cancer Institute have shown that patients who have undergone treatment for cancer and exercised regularly were more likely to survive cancer and not relapse than patients who didn’t exercise regularly during and after their cancer diagnosis. This is especially true for patients who have been treated for breast cancer and colon cancer. Each patient should talk to their doctor about the benefits and risks of different types of exercise to determine the exercise routine that is most beneficial to their health.

Physical Appearance

Patients who fight cancer and undergo cancer treatments such as chemotherapy often lose weight as well as muscle mass. Exercising for about 150 minutes per week helps these patients build up some of the muscle mass they have lost and tone their remaining muscles for a stronger body and healthier appearance.

Improved Mood

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic and other major research centers have found that regular exercise offers many benefits that are physical, psychological and social. The psychological benefits of exercise include the release of neurotransmitters and endorphins in brain that improves the patient’s mood naturally. Exercise also increases the temperature in the body, which has a calming affect on most patients. People who exercise are more likely to interact with other people than people who are sedentary, which also improves their mood.

Risks of Exercise During Cancer Treatments

Cancer patients who are undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy, often have their immune system weakened. It can be dangerous for these patients to exercise in a normal gym environment because of the amount of people and germs that may collect in that environment. These patients may choose to buy their own treadmill or other exercise equipment that they can use at home so they can get most of the benefits of exercise without risking further damage to their health.

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