New Chicago Brewing Company

The New Chicago Brewing Company is start-up that will be a part of the sustainable enterprises with in The Plant. They say that “Nothing leaves our brewery except beer” and their website explains how they plan to accomplish this.

While the Evans brothers have been in their space for six months, most of that time was spent deconstructing and demolishing the fixtures and structure from the old Peer Foods plant.

Today, I joined about 65 other volunteers and helped clean up their spaces. With 65 other people it was easy work to haul away all the scrap metal, fixtures and left over packaging, and make their space broom clean. The yard and parking lot was picked up and raked. Beer and pizza was provided for all the volunteers.

They are hosting an open house next weekend on 8/13 so visit their sit, get the details, and take a gander at Chicago’s newest craft brewery. I heard they are going to have more beer next weekend!

This is number 26, now only twenty four to go!