Plant Chicago

Energy - Food Diagaram
Energy - Food Diagaram

The Plant Chicago is a vertical farm and food business incubator that is located in the old Peer Foods Building in the Chicago Stock Yards. John Edel is leading this project that looks to create vegetables, fish, beer, bread and other food stuffs with no waste and zero energy from the grid.

I went to an Open House last spring and since then helped the young men of 312 Aquaponics with some demolition in their space. It was some of the hardest work I’ve done in years.

Yesterday, I helped Nick with some deconstruction. One of their guiding principles is to reuse as much as possible so they have carefully removed stainless steel fixtures, foam insulation and other fittings to cut down on waste sent to a landfill. The work wasn’t glamorous, just sweeping up rubble and dust, but an essential step before they pour new concrete floors. The heat and humidity forced me to bail after 3 and a half hours.

I also had a chance to stop by 312 Aquaponics and visit with Mario and Brian who showed me there latest additions, two full sized fish raising tanks and hydroponic pools for vegetables and herbs.

There is a new brewing company setting up for production next March, and I’ll be helping them do some cleanup next weekend. The Plant and their tenants are having another open house on August 13th, so come on by and see what the buzz is about. They also have a wish list for tools and supplies, or just make a cash donation. If you can help them out visit their website for more details.

This was number twenty four and now just 26 more to go!!