Update-Elmer’s Kids

This morning I arrived at the Nativity of Our Lord Church in Bridgeport earlier than I anticipated so I hung out and waited for the organizers. After a few minutes Elmer and Johanne showed up and gave some directions.

The work was easy and there were at least two dozen others on hand so it went quick. I helped set up some of the raffle prizes and ticket boxes, carried in supplies from others who delivered it with their cars, and after a quick run home to get my electric knife I helped cut some Italian bread for dinner (they had 150 loaves!!!).

I already made other plans for this evening, but I would have loved to come back and help out with the actual event. If you live near Bridgeport (37th & Union) please drop by and help them with their goal of sponsoring children to the Special Olympics.

The people were all very friendly, and Johanne and Elmer were both very supportive of my goal of 50 for 50. Three down, forty seven to go!! (forgot about the American Lung Association)