Chicago Fringe Festival 2011

This evening I had a chance to volunteer for the Chicago Fringe Festival (CFF) at their Doppler Stage. The Fringe Festival runs through Sunday and can be loosely defined as a performance festival that seeks the un-tried and the weird.

At the Doppler Theater tonight there were three plays each just under an hour in length and as different as could be possible. The last play received rave reviews from last weekend performances and attracted the largest crowd.

The Fringe Festival relies on unpaid volunteers and donations from supporters, and festival patrons. CFF sells buttons for $5 each that goes to support the Festival, and the performers receive 100% of the box office receipts.

I worked the box office tonight with a web based ticketing system so it was fairly easy work. My fellow volunteers all had previous experience with the CFF and are also involved in theater. Aside from a t-shirt and a button, I also get a comp ticket for one show as long as it is not sold out. I’m not sure which show I’ll go to, but it ends Sunday so I have to decide soon.

This was number thirty-seven, now just 13 to go!