2011 Chicago Triathlon

Today I got up at 2:30 AM and headed down to Monroe Harbor so I could volunteer for the 29th Annual Chicago Triathlon. Each year Chicago hosts thousands of athletes who compete on behalf of a charity. This year’s official charity is Team To End Aids along with several charity partners.

My role was as a Transition 1 Marshall. At first I was set out to greet participants to the Transition area (from swim to bike) as they arrived to set up their bike and don their swim gear. After the transition area was closed I was stationed along the course from the end of the swim to the transition area. I was directing pedestrians and other non participants off the course.

There were athletes of many levels of fitness there today. Some were in rock hard condition going full bore, while others coasted along for the fun of it. Celebrities included Bob Oury a participant who is 74 years old and ran in every one of the 29 Chicago Triathlons, and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel who ran in the first heat. I shouted both times I saw Rahm pass.

It was a long day of shouting, waving and standing. Many of the participants shouted back their thanks for our support. There was an after race party, but my foot was really hurting so I came home. When I got back I realized that I tore a toenail which explained the pain.

This was number 34, now only sixteen to go!